Lifetime Makes $10,000 Donation

Lifetime Makes $10,000 Donation


Sam Herzog, Mel Pearl and Lifetime Developments decided to make a generous donation of $10,000 in honour of Mr. Frank Fusillo, after his success at the Toronto Honda Indy 2012 Ferrari Challenge. This honourable gift will be going towards Dr. Armand Keating’s Cell Therapy Research Program at University Health network.

Earlier this year Dr. Keating was elected as President of the American Society of Hematology for 2012, becoming the second-ever Canadian to take on this role. ASH is the pre-eminent hematology society internationally and has the mission to understand, diagnose, treat and prevent disorders affecting the blood, bone marrow and immunologic, hemostatic and vascular systems. Internationally recognized for his research and clinical contributions, Dr. Keating’s outstanding accomplishments continue to pave the way for many more achievements to be made as a result of his visionary leadership within the Cell Therapy Program.

Cell therapy inspires new hope to patients who have very few treatment options for their disease or disorder. Cell therapy has the ability to harness the potential of the remarkable capacity of the immune system to identify, attack and destroy abnormal cells – specifically cancer cells. Some cells also have a high capacity to regenerate themselves, and further exploration into this area of cell therapy can have a profound impact on helping to repair injured tissue and organs.

This wonderful contribution will help provide infrastructure support for creating a state-of-the-art cell therapy facility in which a full spectrum of therapeutic cell and gene research will be conducted by Dr. Keating and his team. They will devise and implement new and innovative cell therapy research studies for regeneration of injured tissue, cancer and immune dysregulation.

This generous donation will provide an ample environment for bringing together Ontario’s leading scientists, creating a hub of cell/gene therapy research that will accelerate ground breaking discoveries and will realize new and effective treatments for a variety of diseases.

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