Ae96bbc302fb4c53d4196ead4dab6936, Phentermine order online reviews

Ae96bbc302fb4c53d4196ead4dab6936, Phentermine order online reviews

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It’s only a construction site at the moment, but when a mystery foreign buyer takes possession of the 55th floor of a downtown Toronto condominium in the summer of 2012, it will be for $28-million, the most expensive penthouse in Canadian history. That it sold quickly...




When we launched The Bond Condominiums, in the heart of the Entertainment District, we knew it was more than just a community. It is a connection, a lifestyle, a state of mind. It is urban expressionism. So how do you demonstrate urban expressionism, something so...


We’re excited to announce the launch of our new corporate website! Over the past few months, we have undergone a complete redesign on our website. The site now features more in-depth information about Lifetime Developments, our residential and commercial developments, and is now social media-friendly...


An inate feeling, an almost palpable sense of panache about this exclusive midtown village in the heart of the metropolis. Of chic ristorantes and decadent chocolatiers. Of priceless antiques, fine cashmere and high thread counts. Of sun-kissed patios and intriguing laneways. Of velvet ropes opened...