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Arthur Mola is a fourth-year photography student who was selected as the lead photographer for a new condo development in Yorkville. Kim Hession sits down with the accomplished 21-year-old to find out more about the project and the photographer behind the lens. ...




With a multi-million dollar renovation that includes a broad spectrum of cutting-edge features and amenities, Liberty Market Building presents a strong mix of office, studio and retail opportunities within more than 300,000 sq. ft. of revitalized commercial space in the heart of Liberty Village. While maintaining...


Start with a brilliant site. Be inspired by X, the spectacularly successful condominium directly north on Charles Street. Create a residence that raises the bar for all others that follow. This is X2. X2 completes the gateway to Yorkville/Bloor. Twin peaks, black with master strokes...


The first two phases of the landmark WaterParkCity community, which in total is comprised of approximately 2,000 residential condominium suites, first established the western edge of the historic Fort York District. The first phases of WaterParkCity included a 38-storey tower facing Coronation Park and Lake...