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Local luminaries discuss Toronto’s dynamic Entertainment District in video series for The Bond condos. Zark Fatah has been part of a decades-long evolution in the Entertainment District that began, for him, working as a nightclub bartender in the mid-’90s. “We have a world-class entertainment scene...




Construction has been moving along well since our last visit to Bisha Hotel and Residences by Lifetime Developments and INK Entertainment. Back in the summer of 2014, the crane was already up, but the site — located on Blue Jays Way at King Street —...


Last year's demolition of The World's Biggest Bookstore marked the end of an era for a long-lived building. Owner Lifetime Developments had originally planned to turn the site into a restaurants destination. Plans have changed however and Lifetime is now proposing a 35-storey slab-style mixed...


As construction continues on The Bond, developer Lifetime Developments has been celebrating the vibrancy and culture of Toronto's Entertainment District with a social media campaign called "Connect and Capture". The Instagram contest, which was launched last Fall 3f3b43df829025733d54b3e7a5af61d3