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Lifetime Unveils Ben Johnston Murals in Liberty Village and locals love what it has added to the community! Since Lifetime Developments has acquired Liberty Market Building in 2004, the community has grown into a thriving and vibrant community. Brian Brown, Vice President of Lifetime Developments...


PRESS RELEASE It is with great excitement that we announce today the acquisition of the Celestica Lands, a 60-acre parcel of land located at the corner of Don Mills and Eglinton, in partnership with Diamond Corp, Lifetime Developments and Context Development Inc. Currently the headquarters of...


A new development proposal has been submitted by Lifetime Developments to the City of Toronto asking for rezoning that would allow the construction of two new condominium towers at King and Dufferin, in an area where the rapidly growing Liberty Village community transitions in Parkdale....


Located at the corner of St Clair Avenue and Parkwood Avenue, The Code Condos will soon rise 9 storeys above ground level, across the street from 21-acre Sir Winston Churchill Park, offering great views of the not-so-far downtown. In this update, we see that after...


Construction has been moving along well since our last visit to Bisha Hotel and Residences by Lifetime Developments and INK Entertainment. Back in the summer of 2014, the crane was already up, but the site — located on Blue Jays Way at King Street —...


Last year's demolition of The World's Biggest Bookstore marked the end of an era for a long-lived building. Owner Lifetime Developments had originally planned to turn the site into a restaurants destination. Plans have changed however and Lifetime is now proposing a 35-storey slab-style mixed...


As construction continues on The Bond, developer Lifetime Developments has been celebrating the vibrancy and culture of Toronto's Entertainment District with a social media campaign called "Connect and Capture". The Instagram contest, which was launched last Fall 6ddb82d73ee66b849ef4b0e257f03b73


There are only a few immediate occupancy suites left for sale at X2 Condos as construction wraps up on the 49 storey tower by Great Gulf and Lifetime Developments. Designed by Wallman Architects, the condominium is located on the corner of Jarvis Street and Charles....