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With the developers donating $5 for every Karma Condos registration, the initiative raised over $15,000 for three local charities: Wellspring, a network of community-based cancer support centres; Sketch, an organization that provides opportunities for homeless or at-risk youth to engage in the arts; and Ronald...


So that's what Lenny Kravitz has been up to. The stylish singer, pictured, has been tapped by Lifetime Developments and INK Entertainment to buff up an entire floor of the 41-storey BISHA Hotel and Residences, the King West-area building owned by Charles Khabouth ( à...


“We could have found someone pretty quickly who wanted to be attached to the brand. But we didn’t want to just have a name who would let some third-rate person execute the vision. Lenny is very particular about what he gets involved with as he...


When Lifetime Developments and CentreCourt Developments dubbed their new condominium development at Yonge and College “Karma Condos”, it wasn't just another name – it was a mission statement, and one that carries a great deal of significance....


“It’s only one block way from the part of King Street that everyone wants to be on – between Blue Jays Way and John Street where all the restaurants are and Bell Lightbox – so the location sells the site,” says vice-president Brian Brown, whose...