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The numbers are in hexadecimal notation where each couple of digits represents 8 bits.

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The Bond itself will be an area icon, with a cutting-edge, 41-storey exterior designed by award-winning Core Architects. Translucent glass and sleek steel will frame terraces and balconies atop a dramatic podium with staggered projections. Landscaping by gh3 will complete the modernist picture. ...


When Lifetime Developments started the marketing process for The Bond Condominiums at Adelaide and John, the community was promoted as a new lifestyle connection for young, urban, Internet-savvy purchasers in the heart of downtown Toronto. This spectacular new residence in the Entertainment District is close...


Designed to connect saavy condominium shoppers with one of Toronto's most exciting residential communities, The Bond Condominiums is the right choice in the right place at the right time. A vibrant mixed-use community with retail and office space at street level....


Situated in the heart of Toronto's Entertainment District, just steps to the John Street Cultural Corridor, The Bond Condominiums is Lifetime Developments' newest community, coming this fall to the corner of Adelaide St. W. and John St. This iconic address offers connectivitiy to the city's...


Toronto’s Entertainment District is undergoing yet another exciting transformation and is poised to become the city’s premier place to live, work and play. This isn’t the first time the area has shed its former identity – zoning regulations in the once-sleepy warehouse district were loosened...