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Each year, we host our annual Holiday Party at our Liberty Market Building for both building tenants and merchants along with our Lifetime Developments’ staff. This year, we had over 500 people attend and celebrate the holidays together! ...


“We have a very entrepreneurial culture in this company,” Brown says. “We’ve never intended to grow to 100 people. Our size allows us to make decisions quickly and to be more creative in our decisions, to explore social marketing, to do things that, if we...


‘Tis the season at the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto! The holidays are a time to share good food and fun in the company of friends and family. This year, the expert team at Four Seasons and Executive Chef Thomas Bellec offer a festive, hassle-free dining...


No toy is more closely identified with the holiday season than the toy train. Model trains and railroads are popular with both children and adults, evoking a feeling of nostalgia. With the holiday season in full swing, it was only fitting that this month we...


The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) National Sales & Marketing Council recently announced the 2012 Nationals? Silver Awards. Lifetime is proud to be finalists in over eight categories for our projects: The Yorkville and The Bond! ...


So that's what Lenny Kravitz has been up to. The stylish singer, pictured, has been tapped by Lifetime Developments and INK Entertainment to buff up an entire floor of the 41-storey BISHA Hotel and Residences, the King West-area building owned by Charles Khabouth ( à...


Lifetime Developments, together with Ink Entertainment, have enlisted Kravitz Design Inc. led by international icon Lenny Kravitz to envision an exclusivefloor for the much-anticipated Bisha Hotel and Residences. This bespoke environment will be inspired by the music, art and travels of Lenny Kravitz....


“We could have found someone pretty quickly who wanted to be attached to the brand. But we didn’t want to just have a name who would let some third-rate person execute the vision. Lenny is very particular about what he gets involved with as he...