Lenny Kravitz X Bisha

Lenny Kravitz X Bisha

In 2019, Lifetime set course to open a new hotel in Toronto under its own Bisha Hotel moniker with the intention of future international brand expansion. To help bring immediate recognition and intention to the brand in its infancy, Lifetime commissioned rock star and style icon Lenny Kravitz to fully design the top floor of the hotel. The Kravitz Design Floor embodies a modern take on ‘70s glam, creating warm, inviting spaces with eye-catching bold finishes throughout. Trying to capture “feelings of home,” the Kravitz floor features 13 rooms and three suites – the Olivia Suite (“designed with a sense of sultry refinement”), the Alexander Suite (a 900-square-foot space with a 1,000 square-foot terrace) and the Bisha Suite (a 2,000 square feet, two-storey duplex with a bathroom floor made from golden spider marble). From the moment you step out of the elevators, Kravitz’s influence is immediately recognized —playful, with a moody mix of light and dark, the flecks of metallic detail and the brown cut stone are all tell-tale signs of a Kravitz Design environment. The Kravitz floor was launched with a special appearance by Lenny and a cocktail hosted evening attended by celebrities and media to huge acclaim and accolades.

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