Karma Condos Feature: Sketch Toronto

Karma Condos Feature: Sketch Toronto

Sketch creates opportunities for street involved and homeless youth, to engage in the arts in a cross-discipline studio environment or in the community. At Sketch, at-risk youth engage in Movement Arts for expression, relaxation and physical exercised.

For every new Karma Condos registration, a $5 donation will go toward furnishing an entire Movement Studio with specialized spring-loaded floors, full length mirrors, lighting and more, to create a safe and inspiring setting for theatre arts, martial arts, dance and meditation.

So register today at www.karmacondos.com and be sure to pass the good karma along!

To learn more about Sketch and their work, visit their website: www.sketch.ca You can also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

For more information about Karma Condos located at 21 Grenville St, email info@karmacondos.com or call (416) 551-2744.

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