Interview: Tomas Pearce Interior Design Consulting Inc.

Interview: Tomas Pearce Interior Design Consulting Inc.

Tomas Pearce Interior Design Consulting Inc. (TPIDC) is a Toronto-based interior design firm led by principals Melandro Quilatan and Tania Richardson. Lifetime took a few minutes to sit down with Melandro to get his insight into TPIDC’s work and their partnership with Lifetime Developments. He has worked with Lifetime on numerous projects, including The Yorkville, The BOND Condominiums, and Lifetime’s new head office at 49 Jackes Avenue.



LD: What inspires you professionally? 


MQ: I am inspired by absolutely everything. From a traditional view, I would say historical architectural details, symmetry and balanced proportions, rich textiles, pristine craftsmanship, old world artisans, antiquities, chateaus rich in heritage and fine details. In terms of contemporary inspiration, I am drawn to asymmetrical balance; runway fashion, modern graphics, concept technology, automotive design, jewelry, unexpected textures, photography, abstract art, culinary industry, and social media.



LD: How do you keep fresh ideas and concepts coming out of your office?


MQ: At our Monday morning staff meetings we dedicate a portion of the meeting to an open forum discussion we call “Style Watch”, whereby anyone can table things of interest that pertain to inspiring ideas: travels, interior design blogs, leading edge websites, Facebook/YouTube/Pinterest finds, architecture, photography, food, movies, cars and so on. We regularly hold team building exercises such as studio charrettes, boat cruises, industry events, etc. As well, we conduct seminars to design students at the design schools we respectively graduated from (Ryerson, Sheridan, OCAD) as a way to give back to the design community.



LD: What is the most memorable milestone for you in your career and/or for your firm?


MQ: Many milestones for sure, however, one of the most memorable was resigning from my previous place of employment (of 18 years) to announce my partnership with my current business partner, Tania Richardson. We were thrilled to finally be our own bosses!


LD: How would you describe working with Lifetime Developments?


MQ: We like to partner up with like-minded operations who seek to create a stamp in our industry. We enjoy pushing the creative envelope with every new joint venture – Lifetime encourages this practice. There is so much opportunity working with Lifetime. As creators, we both feel we have a responsibility to better the city’s architecture, real estate and interior design.


LD: What makes Lifetime different from some of your other clients?


MQ: Lifetime has entrusted the Tomas Pearce team to not only collaborate on numerous prestigious condominium projects (but as a true testament to their belief in us) they’ve also engaged us to design their respective executive private homes, condos, cottage/pool landscaping and (most recently) Lifetime’s own new headquarters at 49 Jackes.



LD: What does “Creating, Defining, Inspiring” mean to you and how does it relate to Lifetime?

MQ: The team at Tomas Pearce loves these proactive power words – they are truly words to live by. Tomas Pearce is here to invent, re-define, aspire, inspire through our creative process – Lifetime embraces this vision – we like that.


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