John Tory Announces SmartTrack at Liberty Market Building

John Tory Announces SmartTrack at Liberty Market Building

On Tuesday, April 10th we had a visit from Toronto Mayor, Mr. John Tory. This visit included visiting a number of our shops in the galleria as well as the City’s big announcement. The City has announced Smart Track.

We are happy to welcome King/ Liberty Station to Liberty Village, which will be utilizing the tracks in our own backyard! Whether Liberty is your home, place of work or your place for fun, Smart Track will get you here, fast and easy.

Smart Track is a proposed new transit network that will utilize existing tracks to connect Scarborough to Etobicoke through Downtown using existing tracks. Smart Track will benefit and feed off the Kitchener and Stouffville/ Lakeshore East Go and the Eglinton West LRT.

The Smart Track is intended to enhance the commuting experience by adding connections to get us where we’re going. The Smart Track will also reduce the usage of vehicles on the road. By decreasing the vehicles, we are not only decreasing traffic and vehicular volume but also our environmental foot print.

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