Gardens in the Sky

Gardens in the Sky

Moving into a condo doesn’t mean you give up the ability to develop a green thumb. With approximately 20 percent of Toronto residents choosing to live in a condo, not homes with yards or gardens, means many are exploring ways to tap into their gardening side and make their condos grow.

While many condo owners have known for years which plants are best for condos, such as Cacti, Bamboo, Ficus Tree, Peace Lily or Devil’s Ivy, many more want to become more pro-active and wish to bring the actual ‘gardening’ into their homes in the sky, and some manufacturers are providing easy solutions.

A Click & Grow Smart Garden is a bright white, bread-box sized indoor planter box with everything included to optimize germination and minimize maintenance: a built-in, app-enabled irrigation system and LED grow lights, as well as small cups prepacked with soil. You just need to buy your seeds, plug it in, and watch it grow.

Toronto-based Modgarden is bringing “tinyfarm” to the market this fall. Everything is included similar to Click & Grow with one huge advantage, it’s stackable, meaning you can add to your growing garden without taking away floor space, and the planting beds are larger and deeper, allowing for greater and more frequent yields.

So if you’d like to garnish your food with mini-greens such as basil, romaine, mini-tomatoes, kale, or pea shoots and say “it came from my garden”, you can do it all yourselves without the dirty hands and weather concerns of outdoor gardens.

After all, condos are all about convenience aren’t they?

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