Podium Levels Emerging for Lifetime’s Panda Condos

Podium Levels Emerging for Lifetime’s Panda Condos

A block from Yonge and Dundas in the heart of Toronto, Lifetime Developments is in the process of bringing a 30-storey, Turner Fleischer Architects-designed tower to be known as Panda Condominiums. Under construction on Edward Street since Summer, 2018, the project recently rose above grade, and is expected to make its impact felt on the skyline west of Yonge Street later this year as it rises taller.

It’s been five months since we last checked in on construction, when an early November update detailed forming of the building’s five underground levels, a mix of parking and retail concourse space. In the time since, crews have wrapped up forming of the underground levels, hit grade, and are now working on the first sections of the first and second floors.

Looking northwest across the Panda site, image by Forum contributor Red Mars

This work is furthest along in the southeast corner of the site along Edward Street, where initial work on forming the second level has begun. To the west, forming follows a bit behind, with walls and columns for the ground floor still taking shape. The podium will rise three storeys before the floorplates reduce in size for the tower floors above.

Looking north to Panda site, image by Forum contributor AlbertC

Panda Condos—so name became the bifurcated tower will have one arm clad in white and the other in black—will bring 555 condominium units to the Yonge and Dundas area, as well as a mixed-use podium containing 1,100 m² of commercial retail space on the ground floor, and another 2,750 m² on the second floor, and over 2,750 m² of office space on the third floor. The below-grade concourse level—which one day may be connected to a second Dundas subway station exit—will include an additional 1,860 m² of commercial retail space.

Panda Condominiums, image courtesy of Lifetime Developments

Source: Urban Toronto

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