Lifetime’s Oscar Residences to Feature Advanced Air and Water Systems

Lifetime’s Oscar Residences to Feature Advanced Air and Water Systems

The last thirteen months have opened up discussions about how to improve and better prepare urban spaces for future public health crises, including the way we in Toronto interact with buildings. This increased awareness is being felt within new residential projects designed during the pandemic era, including in their marketing of features ranging from health and safety systems to enhanced home office capabilities. Lifetime Developments is among the big names in real estate who have adjusted their designs and interactivity to better meet the changing needs of homeowners, evident in the push to market their latest project, a mid-rise condo coming to an emerging stretch of Dupont Street.

Oscar Residences will be the first project from Lifetime Developments—and the first such residential building in Canada—to integrate water and air filtration technology designed to kill 97.9% of viruses in all shared amenity spaces. Following a strategic partnership that was announced in March between Lifetime and filtration technology company Clear Inc., this and all future Lifetime projects are to offer the same type of filtration systems used by multi-national pharmaceutical companies including Kimberly Clark and Pfizer.

In an era of heightened awareness about how our environments impact our health and wellness, we are pleased to continue to seek out innovative leaders like Clear, who are on a mission to provide holistic indoor health technologies that protect and sustain people’s health and quality of life,” reads a statement by Brian Brown, Principal, Lifetime Developments. “Clear has dedicated an incredible investment of both time and money towards R&D and I am pleased to be partnering with them to bring this added layer of health and safety to future Lifetime residents.

The building’s air system is to feature state-of-the-art air purification technology that cleans and disinfects indoor air while offering real-time quality monitoring. This is done via a process using patented equipment known as Sterionizer and Ray Filter combined with UVC LEDs, working in concert to scrub air clean of pollutants including bacteria, viruses, fungus, mould, and odours. Water systems are to include a centralized, chemical-free system to treat building water, and are designed to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. This is done using UV light inside a reflection chamber that ensures even distribution of the sterilizing UV for safe and healthy drinking water.

Our mission is to improve public health and safety by delivering clear indoor air and water through the use of cutting edge, emerging technologies,” reads a statement by Gil D. Blutrich, Co-Founder & CEO, Clear Inc. “Finding a partner in Lifetime Developments, who are committed alongside us, to work through the challenges presented by indoor air and water pollution with tangible solutions is very exciting for us. We could not have found a better partner in Lifetime to serve as our first Toronto-based developer to bring this technology to residents so they can experience what clean, safe living truly is.

Oscar Residences is gearing up to launch this spring with 155 suites in a mix of one, two, and three-bedroom layouts. The nine-storey, Turner Fleischer Architects-designed building is to offer residents a wide selection of amenities featuring these air and water filtration systems. Another strategic partnership that Lifetime recently announced will make a further difference in the buildings’ fitness studios: moving forward, Freemotion Fitness will host fitness equipment and interactive fitness training in this and all future Lifetime buildings.

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Source: UrbanTO

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