Toronto Celebrity Photographer to be Showcased Inside New Annex Building

Toronto Celebrity Photographer to be Showcased Inside New Annex Building

A new boutique condo development is slated for Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood, which hopes to set itself apart through cutting-edge technology and iconic Hollywood art installations from Canada’s most renowned celebrity photographer, George Pimentel. The nine-story Oscar Residences building will include 155 suites offering one, two and three-bedroom suites. The project is set to be completed sometime in 2023, with finishing touches that will create unique experiences for residents.

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Art Installations In The Oscar Residences

Oscar Residences building developer, Lifetime Developments, has formed a special partnership with artist George Pimentel. From the outside, the building will resemble other sleek and modern buildings throughout the city but will have unique touches from Pimentel throughout the interior, as seen in the image above. Known for his work at TIFF and the Oscars, Pimentel will showcase his most famous black-and-white shots of A-list celebrities within the condo building. He is serving as an official artist collaborator on the entire project, which Lifetime Developments hopes will show its “dedication to supporting arts and culture”. The pieces from Pimentel are set to blend Hollywood Glamour into the contemporary design of the building.

Cutting Edge Clear Inc. Technology

Lifetime Developments have teamed up with Clear Inc., a Toronto-based leader in air and water filtration services. The Oscar Building will be the first Lifetime project, and building in Toronto, to receive these technologies that aim to “elevate the meaning of healthy living by improving the quality of indoor air and water”, said in a press release. Systems that provide additional filtration and purification to air quality are becoming more and more prevalent as companies attempt to combat the pandemic.

“In an era of heightened awareness about how our environments impact our health and wellness, we are pleased to continue to seek out innovative leaders like Clear, who are on a mission to provide holistic indoor health technologies that protect and sustain people’s health and quality of life,” said Brian Brown, Principal, Lifetime Developments.

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