Lifetime’s XO Condos Begin to Rise Above Grade

Lifetime’s XO Condos Begin to Rise Above Grade

On the southwest corner of King and Dufferin streets in Toronto’s West End, Lifetime Developments and Pinedale Properties‘  XO Condos‘ first phase has recently made its above-grade debut. The Core Architects and Turner Fleischer Architects-designed condo will now work towards reaching its final height of 14 storeys.

Our last construction update in February shared that the excavation of the pit had just bottomed out. Now, with its three levels of underground parking formed, formwork along the building’s King Street frontage has reached the second storey slab, with the forms supported from below by temporary shoring poles.

Looking southeast across King Street West, image by UT Forum contributor Albert C

Along its Dufferin-facing side, several concrete columns are visible with rebar sticking out of their tops, and a small section of a concrete wall has been set, with its forms having been removed. Beyond that, looking northwest, we can see multiple other future walls currently encased by wall forms. We can also peek into the back of the work currently completed on the north half of the site, with plenty more shoring poles.

Looking northwest from Dufferin Street, image by UT Forum contributor bilked

Above, to the right of the crane, a concrete pump also stands tall at the centre of the site. When not in its resting position (as per above), the pump’s arm can be extended to allow the pouring of concrete at any part of the site. As the building grows, the pump’s mast will be extended upwards so that it is able to reach the higher floors.

XO’s podium levels are slowly beginning to wrap around the 1906-built Bank of British North America at 1211 King Street West, which is currently being used as the project’s presentation centre. Once the condo is fully sold, the heritage building will be repurposed to house retail space. The completed first phase building is set to bring 307 suites to the King and Dufferin area in a range of layouts from 450 ft² to 1,250 ft² in area, after it is completed next year.

XO Condos, image via submission to City of Toronto

Source: Urban Toronto

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