Denial X XO Condos

Denial X XO Condos

XO is thrilled to have commissioned renowned Canadian street artist Daniel Bombardier "Denial" (also known as D3N!@L) to create a 50ft. x 20ft. mural at kingxdufferin expressing our love for the neighbourhood. Having lived in the neighbourood, Denial had firsthand inspiration to create an authentic piece that truly resonates with the local residents. The incredible piece is currently on display at the XO Presentation Centre and will be relocated to the residential amenity floor once complete to represent the eclectic creativity and vitality of this unique destination.

Denial has gained a global following over his decade-long career, over half a million Denial stickers are displayed in public places around the world. Denial’s pop art style aims to push buttons and challenge viewers’ perceptions of socioeconomic issues. His latest collection, Enjoy Denial, explores corporate imagery with a satirical twist, while the new XO mural injects colourful creativity into a community already brimming with it.

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